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Curled Paper (corner to corner)

(Don’t forget to SAVE many times along the way.)

- Create Sweep Path shape in vector drawing program. (Have maximum curl on right side
....Mirror object if needed).
- Open RDS.
- Insert/Free Form.
- Create small square on Drawing Plane.
- Select square, then change properties to W:10” x H:1”.
- Center rectangle on Drawing Plane.
- Select Sweep Path Plane.
- Increase Modeling Box Size as needed for Sweep Path to fit (Try 200”).
- Geometry/Extrusion Method/Pipeline.
- Geometry/Extrusion Envelope/Symmetrical in Plane.
- View/No Preview.
- View/Preset Position/Left.
- Zoom in VERY tight on far right end of Sweep Path.
- Select end node with selection tool.
- Zoom 1:1.
- Preset Position/Reference.
- Make sure the rectangle on the 2nd xsection is selected, then change properties to W:50” x H:1”.
- Center rectangle on 2nd xsection.
- Sections/Previous.
- Select rectangle on 1st xsection, then change properties to W:1” x H:1”.
- Center Square on Drawing Plane.
- Select either one of the Extrusion Envelopes on the bottom plane.
- Select one node as near the middle of the line as possible (zoom in if needed).
- Zoom 1:1.
- Sections/Go To 3.
- Make sure the rectangle is selected, then change properties to W:1” x H:1”.
- Center square on 3rd xsection.
- Sections/Go To 2.
- View/Preset Position/Top.
- Adjust the width of the rectangle (and center it) so that your object shape is as close to
square as possible.
- View/Preset Position/Reference.
- Preview On.
- Done
- Save

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