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Geodesic Sphere

(Don’t forget to SAVE many times along the way.)

- Create a sphere in the MFM ( X = 50”) and increase the number of sides (polygons) to a higher number if desired between 48-600 (Do this by SELECTION/SUBDIVIDE).

- Exit MFM.

- Apply the Shatter deformer to sphere until the spacing looks like the size of the Girders you want.

- EXPORT this as DXF.

- Delete shattered sphere.

- Import the DXF.

- DELETE new camera1, new light1 and new universe.

- Rename DXF, “Outer Girders”

- Open “Outer Girders” in the MFM.

- Deselect all planes in the “Plane Selection” icon in the toolbox.


 - While still in the MFM, empty the sphere (select the entire sphere <ALL nodes> by dragging a marquee around it, then SELECTION/EMPTY POLYGON).

- DESELECT sphere.

- Link up the spaces where the girders are located (select two verticies, then SELECTION/LINK). It might be easier to keep track of your newly created polygons by filling them as you create them, one at a time (See seven steps below)

- When all linking is completed, exit MFM.


- SAVE “Outer Girders” in your OBJECTS BROWSER before going any further. By doing this, you will be able to create differents effects in the future without having to go through all of the LINKING.

- In the main Perspectives window, DUPLICATE “Outer Girders,”  then rename it, “Inner Sphere.”

- Open “Inner Sphere” in the MFM (creating a New Master).

- Drag a marquee around it to select all nodes, then SELECTION/FILL POLYGON.

- Exit MFM.


- If you haven’t already done so, open “Outer Girders”  in the MFM, fill ONLY the girders by selecting one, or several, then SELECTION/FILL POLYGON. This is time consuming, but you come out with a geodesic made of flat girders.

- In the MFM, to give the girders thickness, select the girder(s), then SELECT/ADD THICKNESS . You can give a different amount of thickness to different girders. That is how I get the “raised connector effect” where girders intersect.

- Exit MFM.


- GROUP “Inner Sphere” and “Outer Girders.”

- Give “Inner Sphere” a tranpasrent shader to simulate glass planes.

- Give “Outer Girders” any shader as desired.


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