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(Services Requested)

Improve an existing web site.... (# of pages): 
Your site's URL (web address)

Your site is used for....BusinessPersonal
Design a new web site, no frames version, only.... (# of pages): 
Your new site will be used for....BusinessPersonal
Custom 3D Graphics.... (how many): 
Custom 2D Graphics.... (how many): 


(Other web site related items)

Animated 3D images.... (how many): 
Animated 2D images.... (how many): 
3D Bullets.... (how many): 
2D Bullets.... (how many):
3D Horizontal Bars.... (how many): 
              A wide, thin horizontal image used to separate different sections on a page.
2D Horizontal Bars.... (how many): 
              Same as above, except 2D.
Image Backgrounds.... (how many): 
              Some web pages use a solid color as background, others use an image (a scanned drawing or photo, or maybe a custom computer designed 2D/3D image. Whichever format is used, there are two ways to go. First, the one image will cover the entire background. Second, the image can be small, then repeated a number of times in order to fill the entire background.
Custom 3D Logo.... (how many): 
Custom 2D Logo.... (how many): 
Guestbook....a place where visitors to your web site can leave messages.
Hit counter....keeps track of the number of visitors to your web site.


(Navigating from page to page)

Text Links....Text that is linked to another web page.
Button Links....Small images that are linked to other web pages.
Animated Button Links....Small animated images that are linked to other web pages.
For example, when you move the cursor over a button, it changes color, gets brighter, text appears or changes, etc.

3D Image Map Links.... (how many): 
              An image where you click on different areas that are linked to other web pages. For example, you click on one area of an image and it takes you to "product info." You click on another area of the same image and it takes you to "customer service." The number of links an image map can have is limited only by the size of the image.
2D Image Map Links.... (how many): 
              Same as above, except 2D.



# of images to scan from hardcopy you supply: 

Custom Form similar to this questionnaire and may have any number of input fields desired.

Do you want your site to look similar to another one you saw?YesNo
If yes, what is the URL (web address) of the site you saw?

Do you want a META tag "Description" and "Keywords" so that it will be
easier for people to find your site via Search Engines? YesNo

Have you already made arrangements for a place to put your site?
If yes, how many MB (megabytes) of disk space will you be allowed to use? 
If yes, what is the URL (web address) of the site location?

Do you want Dash2 to check your site periodically for proper working order?

Future payment type?
Personal CheckMoney Order

How did you find Dash2?

(What is the main goal of your current/proposed site?)

(What is the main target audience of your current/proposed site?)

Any additional comments or questions:
(Include a brief overview of your proposed site and a brief description of any artwork desired)



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